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I was glad to see the opposition to Priti Patel’s proposals

01 April, 2021

• I WAS glad to see the opposition of almost all political parties (even the Labour Party) in parliament to home secretary Priti Patel’s new proposals to demonise boat people escaping persecution from war, famine, and murderous regimes around the world, conditions which the UK government has often had a hand in creating.

We must not forget that Ms Patel, in a former life, was a lobbyist for the tobacco industry where her job description was “day to day account co-ordinator, project management” and “assists on media relations”.

A Guardian editorial, noted she has been “presenting those who risk their lives to get here as greedy, queue-jumping cheats”, while Boris Johnson, as we know, proclaims that greed is good!

There seems to be a class line that runs down the middle of greed. No doubt if you are the rich (probably white) greedy head of a tobacco company, killing millions around the globe with your product, you are welcomed with open arms.

If you are penniless, a person of colour, and running for your life, Ms Patel wants the right to deport you as quickly as possible.



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