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If Boris comes to grief, charge the MPs who welched

07 June, 2019

Boris Johnson

• THANKS to Nick Wakeling for accepting my offer and matching it: a true gentleman (My cheque’s ready to send, May 31).

Boris Johnson is to be called to answer a charge of misconduct in public office, a crime dating back to the 13th century. If found guilty he could be banged up for life.

The matter grounding the allegation was a slogan on the side of a bus which correctly stated the gross amount we pay to Brussels. In fact, it understates the figure since 80 per cent of tariffs collected under the Customs Union are paid over to Brussels.

Maybe a bit iffy citing the gross figure, but it is a fact that we pay more into the EU than we get back and a fact that if we kept that money the UK could spend more on the NHS.

Any remainer with half a clue could have exposed the difference between net and gross by putting in a bit of effort rather than stooping to abuse of process.

If Boris comes to grief the precedent should give others pause for thought. George Osborne threatened huge job losses if we even voted leave and he was in an office that gave the threat peculiar authority.

When he was an MP Sadiq Khan voted for the referendum, yet now talks in the most alarming terms about what will befall us if MPs honour the result. Someone might take a close look at promises made during his mayoralty campaign.

If this is allowed to proceed how safe will anyone campaigning for elected office be? Will failure to implement the party manifesto become an offence? Actually, that might not be a bad idea.

Mind you, it could do us a huge favour if applied to all the MPs who voted for holding a referendum and to trigger Article 50 only to welch and call for another vote: a clear abuse of the trust placed in them by the public.

Did they ever intend to honour a result with which they disagreed? All should be charged, convicted and sent to the big house for life.

Boris may be a knave but he is not a poltroon.

Mildmay Grove North, N1


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