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If there is a shortage of staff in the NHS why should it be the responsibility of the EU to fill the gap?

01 February, 2019

• A JUSTIFICATION I read for the UK continuing its membership of the EU is that there is a need for it to provide staff for the NHS.

If there is a shortage of staff in the NHS why should it be the responsibility of the EU to fill the gap? Is there an industry within the EU producing supernumerary health workers?

If we take staff from the EU into the NHS what happens in the countries they come from? Presumably, they find themselves short and seek to recruit staff from other countries and the countries those staff come from leech off other countries. Some place ends up with none?

Remember the countries that these people come from have paid to train them. Then Remainers shamelessly feel no guilt when they take their expensively acquired skills and come to the UK.

The real situation that Remainers should face up to is the lazy attitude that we can stay in the EU and rely on it to provide health professionals we should train ourselves. What sense does it make to require nurses to train at university, where they have to pay up to £9,250 a year?

I think the Liberal Democrats had something to do with this in 2010. Some of them actually voted for it: a promise broken? The bursary to cover costs of study was removed in 2016 by George Osborne.

Thus we have Remainers bringing about the situation that deters young people from training to become nurses and then peddling the wisdom that we must remain in the EU to solve the shortage caused by their actions.

Why are they not campaigning for investment to train UK students? This would reduce the need to take trained staff from other countries. Why are they not campaigning for fees to be removed for student nurses? It would be an investment.

Here’s an idea: remove all fees for people studying medicine and make up the money by doubling fees for students of economics. Charge them in euros and call it quantitative easing. They’d never notice.

Mildmay Grove North, N1


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