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I’ll vote for the future of my grandchildren

04 October, 2019

‘I will not vote Liberal Democrat’

• SO Liberal Democrats fired their first shot at Jeremy Corbyn of the general election campaign in Islington North, (Jeremy Corbyn is set for an upset in his own constituency, September 20).

Not only was this wishful thinking but less of a sniper’s bullet hitting its target and more of a damp firework that fizzled then went out.

The Lib Dems were in coalition with the Tories for five years enabling their austerity projects. Yes I, along with 78 per cent of Islington voters, supported remain in the European Union.

But it seems easy for the Lib Dems to forget – and hope we don’t remember – that 52 per cent nationally backed leave.

New, emboldened, leader of the Lib Dems Jo Swinson wants us to ignore two things:

One, she and colleagues broke their party’s promise and voted to triple tuition fees (a point they have failed, repeatedly, to answer).

Two, Jo Swinson argued in parliament, before taking a ministerial car, for an in-out referendum.

Now she wants to proudly dump leave and ignore, without another vote on any proposal to revoke Article 50, to remain.

And pass off, with no further discussion, the dumping of a majority decision many viewed as expressing their democratic opinion.

I will not vote Liberal Democrat but for a party that gives me choice in a crucial matter that affects my future and that of my grandchildren.

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