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In a climate emergency it makes sense to save trees

31 July, 2020

The ‘little forest’ near Highbury Corner

• ISLINGTON Council’s biodiversity action plan’s consultation ends today – Friday July 31.

This states that: “The council is determined to press ahead with its commitment to tackling the climate and ecological emergencies while also ensuring the response to the current public health emergency is managed effectively”.

So while the council is doing excellent work rolling out its people-friendly streets programme, with all the benefits for our residents in stopping through-traffic, in cleaner air, in safer, quieter streets for us all to enjoy, why on earth do they insist on chopping down the little forest at Dixon Clark Court?

It’s time for a break-out of common sense to protect these trees, (Why trees matter so much, May 22).

Development plans can be changed, people’s right to fresh air and greenery – at a major traffic junction and a school – must not be trashed.

The decision is not binary; we need houses and trees. It’s not weak to have a rethink and do the right thing.

Readers might not be aware that we only protect 1 per cent of our 40,000 trees in Islington with a TPO, tree preservation order, and it’s about time that was changed.

Trees are our friends. The many things they do for us are listed on a petition:

The little forest has no protection and is currently on death row. There’s a climate emergency. There’s a global pandemic.

These are most unusual times and Islington Council need to back up their declaration of a climate emergency, and their biodiversity action plan and their Vision 2030: building a net zero carbon Islington, by screwing their courage to the sticking point and they will not fail.

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