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In the pandemic they tell us our plant pots are ‘unauthorised’

18 December, 2020

Plant pots in Mayton Street, Holloway

• IF you are one of many Islington residents bringing green relief to your street with a few pots on the pavement, you may want to know that this is no longer allowed.

Here in Mayton Street, Holloway, (famous for ladybirds and sparrows) we’ve received council “removal notices” for plant pots that are causing no obstruction whatsoever, as readers can judge for themselves (see above). We also checked it out with pushchair and wheelchair users.

I wonder how many local people think “an investigation” into “unauthorised” plant pots is a good use of council resources, in the midst of the coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic? All the staff time that is taken up with site visits, laminated notices, seven-day warnings.

Today in our street, tomorrow in yours? If it’s really such a pressing problem, why not issue simple guidelines?

We suggested something similar, for planters in parking spaces, more than 18 months ago. Isn’t that a more positive way forward than issuing bans?

Sadly both council officers and elected members in Islington suffer from “not invented by the council syndrome”. If they didn’t think of it, it can’t be done.

In a climate emergency, protecting the environment depends on the small, every-day actions of all of us.

What a shame the Town Hall’s top down culture discourages genuine partnership with residents to create the mini green oases which are crucial to the survival of nature and people.

Mayton Street, N7


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