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Innocent dogs in danger

23 November, 2018

• POLICE resource is scarce. The UK Dangerous Dogs Act (the act), in substantial part, is an unnecessary claimant of this resource.

Under the act police are required to confiscate dogs of sound temperament and behaviour for destruction. The vast majority of these are family dogs seized exclusively due to physically-discriminatory measurements. The act is dangerous.

Since its 1991 inception human-fatal dog attacks per year, on average, have more than doubled; the overwhelming majority of these attacks are by non-banned breeds.

Despite this, the police are still required to confiscate and hold behaviourally innocent dogs, in secret locations, while their owners, understandably, assert their rights to reclaim their dogs, at a large financial, police-and-court-resource and emotional cost.

The Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee recently conducted a parliamentary select committee inquiry into this legislation, requesting a necessary review of the current ineffective government approach.

A UK-government petition requests the introduction of an education-based, more effective, lower cost, less police-reliant, more dog-owner-responsibility alternative, as a more workable and effective solution.

I urge people to sign it: ( to allow the police the unnecessarily distracted resource they need to fight the tragically escalating fatal human crime on our streets.

Board member, Born Innocent
Holly Lodge Gardens, N6


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