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International Co-Operative Day marked at Town Hall

13 July, 2018 — By Tom Foot

Mayor Jenny Headlam-Wells with members of the Camden Co-operative Party at the Town Hall

A RAINBOW flag was raised above Camden Town Hall to mark International Co-operative Day on Saturday.

Mayor Jennie Headlam-Wells attended the unveiling on the roof of the building in Judd Street.

And she was joined by members of Camden Co-operative Party, including Stephanie Wilson, Carlie Newman, Amanda Sebestyen, Aileen ­Hammond, Alan Brownjohn, James Butler, ­Anthony Stoll and Pauline Ryan.

Mr Stoll, a long-time resident of Camden, said he was a member of the party and went to the flag event each year because he “used to be one of the people to do with Camden’s Woodcraft folk”. The event was part of world celebrations of co-operatives aimed at creating “sustainable societies”.

Co-op Party members believe increasing co-operatives will boost the economy and social justice. There are more than 6,000 co-operatives – ranging from food retail to funerals and from social care to housing – and Camden has a rich history of association with the movement.


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