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Is Sobell trampoline park just a cash cow?

02 February, 2018

The Sobell Centre

• ISLINGTON Green Party feels the council was wrong to convert half the Sobell Centre’s magnificent sports hall into a trampoline park.

Certainly, it should have consulted the community first. Now that the facility is open, we believe the council is duty-bound to demonstrate whether or not its goals are actually achieved.

Of course, it is important to encourage more young people to be more active, which the council claims as the main aim of the venture. However, our worry is that this is more about making money than benefiting people’s health.

The prices will certainly be out of reach for many, with anyone over 16 paying £10.50 to use the park at peak times or a family with two young children nearly £40.

So while it is doubtless good if there are concession rates for schools and youth groups, the council owes it to those it has displaced from the Sobell to be upfront and transparent about how many people use the new facility and how much money it makes.

Is this genuinely getting a significant number of Islingtonians to enjoy more exercise or is it just a cash cow?

Islington Green Party


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