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Is this an end to the rat-running?

22 November, 2019

• WE’RE delighted that after two years of campaigning, Islington Council has come up with a creative solution to end the rat-running of cars in our roads, (Nags Head Area Proposed Traffic Improvement ).

Chatting to neighbours in Mayton Street and Roden Street, it feels like there is strong support for this change. It should significantly reduce the volume of traffic through Mayton Street, (currently up to 2,000 vehicles a day) making our street safer, less polluted and less noisy.

It will also bring some benefits to Pakeman Street and Roden Street, as motor traffic will not be able to use those streets as a cut-through to Hertslet Road either.

Mayton Street is also a route to Pakeman and Grafton primary schools for many families who walk to school. Reducing pollution levels and creating a safer street will bring huge benefits for children.

However, there is more to be done. The next step would be to work with Morrisons to explore ways of reducing overall traffic going into their car park, to work with McDonald’s & KFC and the council to find ways to stop the chaos of delivery bikes, especially now that Uber has an exclusive deal with McDonald’s.

Of course, our ultimate goal is for a low traffic neighbourhood across this whole patch – Hertslet, Mayton, Roden, Pakeman, Tollington and Arthur Road. Returning to liveable streets where we can breathe, walk, cycle, play, chat to each other, and create green spaces both for humans and other species.



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