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Is this what it takes to be an MP?

24 November, 2017

• OF Islington Labour councillors, Michael McElligott says: “Based on their Islington performance, none should be allowed to stand as MPs.”, (Cut costs by reducing the number of councillors, November 17).

Are we certain of that? If one or two went to adorn the parliamentary benches, or indeed any benches, we may be able to get replacements who are interested in their jobs.

How does this work? Can members of the public send recommendations to Labour constituencies around the country, with a list of successes – huge expense of CPZ consultation with no preliminary work and almost no result, smart benches installed without planning application, barbecues allowed in Highbury Fields and the ensuing court case against the council, and the withdrawn Barnard Park project following government intervention. I’ll stop here.

Wedmore Gardens, N19


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