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Is this why Highbury Corner work is taking so long?

13 April, 2018

• YESTERDAY I was passing through the Highbury Place detour opposite the station at 10.15am when I actually saw four men working.

One was wielding a pickaxe and the other standing watching. Very often when I have been using this detour I have not seen anybody at all working there. No wonder it takes so long to get this work done at Highbury Corner.

The proposed cutting back of the No 277 bus route from Dalston to Highbury and Islington station, turning it round at the bus station at Dalston Junction instead, would mean an already lousy service, currently provided by the No 30 and No 277, just having a couple of extra buses in rush hours.

Many a time I have stood outside the church in St Paul’s Road waiting for either a 30 or 277 towards Highbury and all you see are 38 or 56 buses going towards the Angel.

Still, I suppose, in the great plan of things, it isn’t important to provide a half-decent bus service to Highbury.

Clissold Crescent, N16


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