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Is Whittington boss scaremongering by saying hospital will close?

17 November, 2017

Campaigner Shirley Franklin leads protests outside Whittington Hospital

• I NOTE that protesters have been told that it is impossible to withdraw from the Whittington Hospital land deal without risking the future of the hospital (‘Whittington Hospital will close if deal fails’, November 3).

You quote Steve Hitchins as telling protesters: “If we reverse this decision, I predict this hospital will close.”

I don’t know whether Mr Hitchins is just scaremongering or is genuinely concerned about a real possibility, but a properly-funded NHS, which means a properly-funded Whittington Hospital Trust, would not be dependant on, or even involved in, this kind of deal.

The government has frequently “sold the family silver to pay the rent” over a number of years – usually leading to less efficiency and community loss. It is now forcing local authorities and state institutions to do the same with the same results.

Is the Whittington Hospital Trust really dependant on a “confidential” deal with the company linked to the Grenfell Tower fire? How will the community benefit from such a deal?

The Green Party opposes the privatisation of the NHS or the sale of any of its assets without a community benefit.

Islington Green Party


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