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Islington has said ‘yes’ to Europe

31 May, 2019

• THE results of the European election in Islington were a watershed moment in the Brexit debate.

The turnout was markedly up in Islington from the 2014 European election – and the great mass of voters gave the clearest signal yet that the people of this borough are committed to saying “yes” to Europe and a second referendum.

Remain parties gained well over 50 per cent of the vote – and the Greens had an amazing night in London, holding onto a seat that the party has now held for 20 years.

With seven UK MEPs now representing the Greens in the European Parliament, it is clear there is now a Green Wave spreading across Britain and Europe – and the Green Party would like to thank all those people (so many young) that voted for us.

At a time of great discussion about how to resolve the Brexit question, let’s hope that the two MPs that represent Islington remember what its constituents said so clearly on May 23.

Green Party, Islington


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