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Islington is desperately short of viable building sites

16 March, 2018

• NOW that Arsenal have won two games in a row, the need for Highbury Corner roundabout’s use as the setting for a funeral pyre for Arsène Wenger seems to have somewhat receded.

Why not do the unthinkable and rebuild the dozen or so houses that were there before they were struck by a V1? Islington is desperately short of viable building sites.

This would save a lot of silly arguments as to whether there should be little tables there for Islington socialites to sip their Tony Blair-inspired drinky poos, served by waiters scurrying around in long white aprons.

As regards the obvious cries about traffic pollution, the homes would not be suitable for families, but could serve as a short-term accommodation measure. Think of the estate agent blurbs: all forms of transport on the doorstep, and only a few seconds stagger from Islington’s cheapest boozer.

The Green Party should have no objections as all the trees that would be uprooted could be sent to that other socialist empire of Sheffield, where they seem to be bent on destroying all theirs.

I am not a member of the Monster Raving Loony Party, even though they had a more sensible manifesto than Jeremy Corbyn’s lot.



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