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Islington shopkeepers rail against new driving and delivery restrictions in Chapel Market

Restrictions along the market will come into force in mid-February after new signs and enforcement cameras are installed.

04 February, 2019 — By Calum Fraser

Chapel Market in The Angel 

SHOPKEEPERS are fed up with the council as new restrictions are set to limit the times when deliveries can be made in a popular market street.

Bosses in M. Manzes Pie and Mash shop, the Fresh Meat Market and Mangia Bene in Chapel Market have criticised the council’s plans to introduce driving restrictions down the Angel street.

Cars and delivery vans will not be allowed to drive down Chapel Market between 9.45am and 4pm from Tuesday to Saturday, 9.45am and 2pm on Sundays and 8.30am to 11am on Mondays.

Mangia Bene owner Avni Xira

Manzes boss Tim Nicholls said: “It’s another scheme by the council to squeeze money out the area. I’ve had enough. Cabbies used to be able to come and stop at the shop to get a pie. I was told it was a point on The Knowledge they all learned.

“Now they can’t park for a second without getting a ticket.”

Manzes is set to close later this year after serving pies in the area for more than 100 years.

Traffic is allowed to travel down Chapel Market at any time at the moment.

Town Hall chiefs have brought in the time restrictions to “create a safer environment”.

Avni Xira, who runs Mangia Bene, said: “We open at 11, our deliveries come after that. It feels like this is a hurdle we should not need to have to jump over. Why are they bringing in this rule? Who asked for it?

Mangia Bene in Chapel Market 

“I guess the vans will be able to park around the back in Sainsbury’s, if not then I don’t know.”

There will timed exceptions to the rules to allow deliveries, according to the council.

Restrictions along the market will come into force in mid-February after new signs and enforcement cameras are installed.

Raymond Roe, who runs the Fresh Meat Market, said: “I get my stock in early in the morning so this won’t affect me. “But I don’t understand why it has been brought in, cars never come along this road anyway. It feels like they’re just making work for themselves in the council.”

Market traders have expressed their support for the restrictions. John Papworth runs a fruit and veg stall in the market.

He said: “I think it’s a good thing. We’re here from 6am unloading our stall. This will stop deliveries clogging up the market later in the day.”

Plans had previously seen restrictions last until 8pm. But the council changed the times to their current proposals after residents and businesses expressed concern.

Business chief Councillor Asima Shaikh said: “Chapel Market is one of Islington’s key shopping destinations and we have been working hard with all market traders and shopkeepers there on ways to keep it thriving. Responding to traders’ concerns, we have looked at traffic management as a key component in ensuring shoppers’ safety and revitalising the area.

“We have developed the scheme in conversation with traders and listened to their concerns, making changes to ensure shoppers will be safe from traffic while the outdoor market is on. At the same time, loading and unloading delivery slots will be available throughout the day to ensure businesses can still receive their deliveries.

“I believe this is a fair scheme and we will monitor it closely in the coming weeks – feedback from everyone is welcome and will be taken on board.”

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