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Islington should back the majority view on traffic

31 July, 2020

Protesters outside the Town Hall 

• I FOUND the comment made by Helena Farsted, the co-founder of Islington Clean Air Parents, rather disparaging when she stated: “I think the protest is a bit misguided in that they are protesting against something that a lot of people don’t’ quite understand”, (Road closures sparks Islington Town Hall protest, July 24).

What, does she think that we are all fools who know nothing? How condescending of her to make such a statement. These people also have the right to have their voices listened to as well as yours.

How can people have their voice on the commonplace website when this site is solely set up as an anti-vehicle website by Islington Council.

I have sent my question to the leader of the council asking how come that the council listens to the minority rather that the majority?

Such as in this case of closing down parts of the borough on the say so of the few. I’m waiting for a reply.

It’s a pity that you don’t reside in the Archway like me whereby Transport for London have made a complete mess of our roads by sending more traffic down our side turnings; cyclists almost being killed or seriously injured by jumping the red lights at the Archway gyratory; cycling on pavements, almost knocking down pedestrians shopping in the Archway, with nobody giving a care in the world, neither TfL nor council.

So I personally plead with Islington to stop this madness of pandering to the few and start representing the many or you will be hit hard in the ballot box come the next election.



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