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Islington Town Hall rules out rebel budget

05 January, 2018 — By Emily Finch

ISLINGTON’S council leader has rejected the idea that local authorities should rebel against government-ordered cash cuts by refusing to set a budget.

With the Town Hall bracing itself for another £32million slash to its spending, Councillor Richard Watts said he did not subscribe to the view that councils should say “enough is enough”.

The strategy has been discussed in some wings of Jeremy Corbyn’s party after the Tory government began order- ing council cuts following the 2015 election, with the most enthusiastic voices believing a direct protest could prove effect- ive if all Labour-controlled councils acted together.

But Cllr Watts told the Tribune: “Jeremy is not asking us to do that. Councils should not set illegal budgets. It’s the wrong thing to do and will be handing control of the council to a Tory government who won’t be build- ing houses. Jeremy understands the foolishness of that kind of stand.”

Islington is now set to raise council tax to cover the new gaps in its budget.

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