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Islington’s most impressive monument is hidden under streets

26 April, 2019

Expanded fleet of boats runs from Islington to King’s Cross every weekend

• THANK you to Denise Walker and Andrew Gardner for raising awareness of the Islington Tunnel, both as an ongoing waterborne bus route and as a major feat of early 19th century engineering, (‘Bus’ service runs through canal tunnel, April 12; and Spend the summer on the canal, April 19).

Our attentions are so readily distracted by the City Road skyscrapers and the likes of the London Shard that it is easy to forget that the most impressive monument in Islington is below street level.

Denise and Andrew have now drawn attention to London Canal Museum and Islington Museum, where visitors can find out what Islington was like before its skyline was savaged.

I wonder how many of your readers have made the connection between Andrew’s letter and your top story about the revival of the Archway Tavern at Navigator Square.

The timing of this pub’s reopening is impeccable because we are now ramping up our celebrations of the Regent’s Canal’s bicentenary. This means that we will be paying homage to the navvies at both ends of the borough.

If anyone is interested in the canal’s bicentenary and its construction then please visit our website at

Chair, Friends of Regent’s Canal


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