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It was George Bernard Shaw and Chesterton, not Hitchcock

07 March, 2019

George Bernard Shaw as seen by Max Beerbohm

• I WAS very interested in Neil Titley’s account of a meeting of George Bernard Shaw and Alfred Hitchcock, (Georgie Shaw, the Parkway pioneer, Review, February 28).

But the witty exchange (“One look at you Mr Shaw, and I know there is a famine in the land” “One look at you Mr Hitch­cock, and I know who caused it”) actually took place between the thin Shaw and the obese GK Chesterton.

Sadly Shaw is forgotten by many of his countrymen/women. In the Royal Free some time ago I was treated by an Irish nurse. I told her that I was reading about George Bernard Shaw. She replied: “The only George Bernard Shaw I know is a pub in Dublin.”

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