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‘It was self-defence’ says man in court on fatal stabbing charge

Jurors told 25-year-old was ‘murdered’ following cannabis robbery in Tufnell Park

08 February, 2019 — By Samantha Booth

The Old Bailey heard how Ali Al Har was stabbed twice in the leg in September last year

A MAN carrying a “fearsome” combat knife robbed a 25-year-old in Tufnell Park before fatally stabbing him, a trial has heard.

Abdirahman Abdullahi is on trial accused of murdering Ali Al Har in Corinne Road in September.

The 24-year-old denies the charge and claims he was acting in self-defence. He has pleaded guilty to robbery.

The Old Bailey heard on Tuesday how it seemed Mr Abdullahi had arranged to meet with Mr Al Har to buy cannabis from him.

Prosecutor Julian Evans told jurors Mr Al Har drove to the area and arrived outside St Mungo’s hostel in Brecknock Road where Mr Abdullahi lived, at about 9.15pm.

Mr Evans said: “[Mr Al Har] was carrying a large bag with him and it would appear that inside that bag was a quantity of cannabis.

“It would appear that Mr Abdullahi and Mr Al Har had been in contact arranging to meet up that night so Mr Abdullahi could buy some cannabis from Mr Al Har.”

He added: “Unbeknownst to Mr Al Har, however, was that Mr Abdullahi was carrying a large knife. He was planning on robbing Mr Al Har of that bag and its contents.”

Mr Evans said the weapon was a “fearsome” combat tactical knife, with a blade of 30cm long.

The court heard the pair walked into Ospringe Road, where Mr Al Har’s car was parked, and Mr Abdullahi stole the bag from him – which he allegedly thought contained 1kg of cannabis, estimated to being worth thousands of pounds.

Mr Evans said: “From the accounts of members of the public, it’s clear Mr Al Har chased after Mr Abdullahi trying to get the bag back. Both men were seen running at speed across Brecknock Road and Mr Al Har could be heard asking for his property back.”

One witness claims they heard the defendant say to Mr Al Har “leave me or I’ll kill you”.

The chase continued into Corrine Road where some witnesses saw a “scuffle” between the men, the court heard.

Mr Abdullahi then stabbed Mr Al Har twice in the leg, which hit a major artery and vein causing profuse bleeding.

The prosecution said Mr Abdullahi then ran back to the nearby hostel to dispose of the knife before travelling to King’s Cross.

Mr Abdullahi then took a taxi to meet 27-year-old Kyron Samuels, another resident at the hostel, in Brentford.

The next day they travelled to Oxford where they stayed until they were arrested three days later. Jurors were told how Mr Samuels has pleaded guilty to perverting the course of justice.

During the arrest, Mr Abdullahi told police “it was a drug deal gone wrong” and “the last thing I thought I would actually do was kill someone”.

In a defence statement, he said he planned to rob cannabis from Mr Al Har and only stabbed him to protect himself.

Mr Evans said: “Mr Abdullahi had the understanding Mr Al Har had something in the region of 1kg of cannabis with him.”

He added: “He says Mr Al Har tried to get the knife off him and Mr Abdullahi stabbed the victim but did so with the intent to defend himself.”

The trial continues.

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