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It’s 100-up for Norah

She worked making liquorice allsorts until she was 72

24 January, 2020 — By Helen Chapman

When her granddaughter said she might get a card from the Queen on her 100th birthday, Norah Jane Ward said: “Let’s hope I’m still alive by then.”

But Norah celebrated turning 100 with her friends and family at Wellesley Road Care Home last Friday, her home for the past six years.

She previously lived in Cressfield Close, having lived within a radius of five miles for 100 years.

The New Journal also visited Norah on her 70th birthday at St Silas church, the same venue she married her husband Frank in 1943. Her husband died when she was in her 30s and she brought up her five children alone, three of whom have died.

Until she was 72, Norah worked in a factory making liquorice allsorts, in Somers Town, where she was born.

“We enjoyed ourselves,” she said. “I worked there until I was too old and they chucked me out. I am lucky to have lived for so bloody long.”

Granddaughter Adele Brett said: “She has remained fiercely independent. She is now partially sighted and partially deaf but can still crack a good joke. She had many hobbies which including knitting, sewing and reading but can no longer partake due to her lack of sight.” Norah enjoyed cake and music last Friday with her children Ron and Jeff, 13 grandchildren and great-grandchildren, pictured left.


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