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It’s nonsense to call for another People’s Vote

03 August, 2018

• P LAIDLAW helpfully set out the various reasons why the majority voted to leave the EU, but what was the point? (Politicians have failed, so put Brexit to new People’s Vote, July 27). Who cares?

The vote was to leave by a clear majority, giving an unequivocal instruction to Parliament. The clarity Keir Starmer, Dominic Grieve, Anna Soubry and Owen Smith, among others, felt they required when they voted to have the referendum was provided.

There never has been existential risk in voting to leave the EU because if there had been these well-informed MPs would never have put the nation in peril. Their responsibility as MPs precluded this.

Now there is a call for a “People’s Vote”. More nonsense, since we had a vote and it was the people who voted. We all knew the issues, studied them and voted.

We had the benefit of, but were left unconvinced by, “Why the government believes that voting to remain in the European Union is the best decision for the UK”.

Nothing has changed in the time since the referendum, except in one crucial respect, which is the move to the hard right in EU politics.

Elections for the European Parliament will take place in May 2019 and there is a very strong chance that parties of the right, including some with neo-Nazi origins, will take between a third and a half of the seats.

The hegemonic personality could be Viktor Orbán. Is this the sort of organisation democrats would aspire to be part of? Good enough for Remainers, some of whom might feel at home.

So there you have the EU. Economic policy that results in low growth and high rates of unemployment, trade policy that seeks to impoverish third world countries and, coming soon, a right-wing parliament. Please tell me I’m wrong.

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