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It’s not too late to terminate this contract

26 February, 2021

• YOUR February 19 front page report exposed a hidden scandal, (GP surgeries’ patients put in the hands of US big business, February 19).

In an atmosphere of secrecy, a subsidiary of a huge US conglomerate has taken over the company – formerly GP led – contracted to run a large number of London GP practices.

Don’t believe anyone who tells you that the service we get won’t be affected.

A giant company like this has sneaked in by the back door not because it is interested in improving Londoners’ health but because it sees an opportunity for profits.

The transfer of the contract is being waved through by local NHS officials, without proper discussion and consultation.

Despite the opposition of councillors, and others, so far they have refused to budge. But it’s not too late.

It is still possible for them to decide to terminate the contract, and we must make sure that they do. Our NHS is not for sale.

To make your voice heard about this contract, write to the North Central London Clinical Commissioning Group, the NHS body responsible locally.

Its chair – and representative for Islington – is Dr Josephine Sauvage. And for more information about Islington Keep our NHS Public, see

Islington Keep our NHS Public


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