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It’s now crunch time as pressure mounts on MPs

30 November, 2018

People’s Vote supporters in Archway with their Corbynometer

• THE pressure from Islington voters for their MPs to back a People’s Vote on the final Brexit deal has intensified as the meaningful vote in Parliament approaches.

Hundreds of shoppers in Archway “voted” overwhelmingly for Jeremy Corbyn to back a People’s Vote, by attaching “Jeremy” stickers to a Corbynometer on Saturday.

They appealed directly to their MPs by writing postcards at a write-athon in the street. The response our team had in Archway was overwhelming and we’ll be back there again.

Now is crunch time – for Jeremy Corbyn, Emily Thornberry and the whole Labour Party to give people what they want: a democratic say on the final Brexit deal.

Mr Corbyn has described Theresa May’s Brexit deal as the “blindfold Brexit we all feared” and committed Labour to vote against it.

But he has so far not joined many of his backbenchers and other opposition parties in supporting a new referendum, despite Labour members overwhelmingly voting at the party conference in September to keep the option on the table.

Pro-Europe sentiment in Islington has intensified since the 2016 referendum when more than 75 per cent of local people backed Remain. A recent YouGov poll showed 80 per cent of voters in Islington North want a People’s Vote on the final deal.

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