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It’s the wrong time for these road closures

04 December, 2020

• I AGREE with Paul Thornton concerning the absurd traffic changes, (Why this level of street clutter and surveillance?, November 27).

A friend (aged 91) living in Northchurch Road, will not have deliveries supplied any more as vans need to make three-point turns. The road is too narrow for this and too hazardous.

Also there is no possibility to park near her house any more. The streets now void of any traffic are to be avoided, lacking the security which a lively and populated street would offer.

A parade of five shops, now cut off from traffic, have their turnover reduced by 45 per cent. The corner shop supplying the old and disabled in this community throughout the year is threatened.

To implement these road closures at a time when everyone is under extreme pressure with lockdown, home schooling, online working, lack of social support, and being isolated, is bad timing.

With e-cars now increasingly used and a vaccine on the horizon, this council’s timing is cynical and adds to the frayed nerves, sets person against person, and creates a hostile environment.

The surge of surveillance cameras around the gated communities spying on transgressions (£65), controlling the residents, one might expect in Pyongyang – but not in Canonbury. To call this experiment friendly streets is utterly patronising.

Alwyne Villas, N1


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