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It’s time for the politicians to come clean on proportional representation

01 April, 2021

‘We need proportional representation for local elections too’

• THE call for a proper democratic voting system is spot on and timely, (Say no to first-past-the-post polls, March 26).

We need proportional representation for local elections too. Look at Islington. The first-past-the-post system has reduced us to a one-party state.

No fewer than six Labour councillors have quit the group, leading to five by-elections on May 6. What is happening in the ruling Labour group?

We electors are unlikely ever to know because its undemocratic, huge, majority on the council means Labour is unaccountable to the Islington electorate. Everything is decided in private away from public scrutiny.

When last in a majority in Islington, the Liberal Democrats passed a motion in favour of local proportional representation even though the party at that time had a disproportionately high number of councillors.

We know there are current Labour councillors who back proportional representation. It’s high time for them to come clean with Islington people, to tell us what’s really going on at the town hall and to back genuine representative democracy.

Islington Liberal Democrats


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