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It’s time to back Mayor’s smart road pricing plans

29 September, 2017

• ISLINGTON Council transport supremo Councillor Claudia Webbe said in despair in 2015 that “the reality is the borough is a motorway; traffic comes through”.

Now she has the opportunity to do something about it. She can give strong, public support for the Mayor’s tentative proposals for smart road pricing. Motorists would be charged by distance and by time of day.

The proposals are included in the Mayor’s draft Transport Strategy; it’s out to public consultation until Monday. Road pricing wouldn’t be introduced until the Mayor’s second term at the earliest.

As an inner London borough criss-crossed with major roads and illegal levels of air pollution, and with very low car ownership at 31 per cent, this should be a no-brainer. Cllr Webbe should be cheerleading the other inner London authorities from the front.

But based on its existing policies, the official Islington response is likely to be at best lukewarm. We can only hope that the more progressive Camden and Hackney Labour councils carry the torch for us.

Highbury Grove, N5


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