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Jeremy Corbyn’s brother Piers hails election of climate change sceptic Donald Trump

The president-elect is right about “poppycock” climate change, says Piers Corbyn

18 November, 2016 — By Koos Couvée

Piers Corbyn and Donald Trump

JEREMY Corbyn’s brother Piers has congratulated climate change denier Donald Trump on his election victory in the US, saying the president-elect is right about “poppycock” climate change.

According to the Labour leader’s brother ­– a weather forecaster and prominent climate change sceptic – conventional wisdom that the world is warming up is “nonsense” – it is actually cooling down. And he completely rejects the idea that humans contribute to climate change by emitting carbon dioxide (CO2).

Speaking to the Tribune ahead of a debate with a renowned climate change scientist on Sunday, Mr Corbyn, 69, said: “There’s no evidence of [man-made] climate change whatsoever. The fact is that CO2 is an effect of climate change, not a cause of it. This is shown by a million years of data.

“When the temperature of the sea goes up, carbon dioxide levels go up hundreds of years later. CO2 is increasing because the sea warmed up 800 years ago in the medieval warm period. What we’re seeing is an after-effect.”

He added: “There’s nothing new whatsoever, just fluctuations. Every time there’s a big rainstorm some idiot on the BBC says it’s evidence of climate change, and stupid people jump around and volunteer to pay an extra third on their electricity. Then you end up with fuel poverty. The result of these policies is actually killing people.”

Mr Corbyn will debate the issue with Professor Piers Foster – the head-to-head has been dubbed “Piers vs Piers” – a physicist by background with 25 years’ experience of researching climate change at Conway Hall in Holborn on Sunday.

Mr Corbyn will argue that changes in the earth’s climate and its weather are dictated primarily by cyclical activity on the surface of the sun.

Asked why there is a scientific consensus that climate change is caused by humans emitting CO2, Mr Corbyn suggested this is because of the shared interests of the United Nations, big oil companies, international capital, campaign groups such as Greenpeace and the oil-producing nations. “A clique of money-makers repeat this nonsense and know it’s false,” Mr Corbyn added. “The facts are that the oil companies know that carbon is irrelevant but they know how the money is made – through green policies.

“They want to maintain oil prices and they’ll say we believe in climate change as long as there’s a uniform price for carbon across the board.”

And climate change scientists? “They’re stupid,” he said. “They understand nothing. They are in placements from government. The origins of promoting climate change science come from think-tanks like the Club of Rome and they were promoted as a way to move towards world government.”

While he disagrees with Mr Trump on various issues, Mr Corbyn said his victory was a “big step forward for science”, adding: “He’s exposing the nonsense of man-made climate change. It’s a setback for globalisation and anti-working class trade deals such as TTIP.

“All those things are causing jobs to be exported from Britain and the US and in all those cases climate change is used to deindustrialise, which is why Wall Street loves it.”

Sunday’s debate starts at 11am.

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