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Join our protest outside the Royal Courts of Justice

08 November, 2019

The Whittington Hospital

• READERS may remember the successful campaign that we ran in 2017 and 2018 to stop Grenfell Tower contractors, Rydon, being procured by the Whittington Hospital board to run its estate strategy.

We are now disgusted to hear that Rydon is now suing our hospital for cancelling the procurement. This company that was the lead contractor in the inflammable clad­ding refurbishment of Grenfell Tower, has a nerve!

How dare they demand the money we pay for hospital services! That is why we have organised a protest at 9am on Monday December 9 outside the Royal Courts of Justice. Please join us!

We should also point out that Rydon was hired to loan money as well as plan for the new estate because the Tory government will not finance capital improvements, apart from for six hospitals in Tory areas.

The hospital has now raised around £20million from selling off some of its site to the local mental health foundation trust to build a new facility that should really be located in south Camden, where St Pancras hospital is currently located.

It’s a long story. But it points to the fact that our National Health Service is badly underfunded and using private companies when in fact the government should pay, through our taxes, for an NHS to meet our mental and physical health needs.

We need a new government that is committed to a publicly-funded, publicly-run, NHS that is free for all.

Chair, Defend the Whittington Hospital Coalition


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