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Join the protest against the firm suing our hospital

22 November, 2019

Whittington Hospital

• ISLINGTON MP, and co-founder of our campaign, Jeremy Corbyn, is right to express horror that Grenfell tower contractors and refurbishers Rydon, is suing our hospital, (Jeremy Corbyn: ‘Appalling that a firm should sue our NHS’, November 15).

In fact everyone that we talk to about our Whittington Hospital being sued by this company is horrified. How dare they attempt to extract large amounts of money from our hospital, funds that should pay for health services?

The problem arose because the hospital board unanimously agreed to this company temporarily funding and then managing their estate strategy, after the Grenfell tower fire, and after an executive decision had been taken, before the fire.

But the main problem arose because the Tory government, while demanding hospital estate development, refused to fund them. We have had enough of the Tory government under-funding our hospital and our National Health Service.

There is only one party that will protect our NHS as a publicly-funded, publicly-run, free for all service that meets our physical and mental health needs. Which is why we say vote Labour in this election!

Meanwhile we are protesting against Rydon suing our hospital – 9am on December 9 outside the Royal Courts of Justice. Do join us if you can.

Chair, Defend Whittington Hospital Coalition


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