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Judge Whittington outsourcing on the results

04 May, 2018

• YOU report on NHS Improvement’s approval of the hospital trust board’s proposals for a partnership with Ryhurst for the strategic management of the Whittington estate, (Whittington signs deal with Grenfell company, April 27).

Your journalist, Tom Foot, inevitably focuses on Ryhurst being a subsidiary of Rydon, the lead contractor for the Grenfell refurbishment, and appears to me to suggest that Ryhurst is therefore unsuitable to take on this contract.

I suggest it would be helpful for your readers’ intelligent assessment of this complex proposal if your paper did some research on the degree of satisfaction with Ryhurst’s existing NHS estate management contracts. Have any been audited by the government? I suggest it is not a matter of principle whether outsourcing is a good idea or not but a matter of results.

What are those results with Ryhurst’s management of other NHS trusts? It would be helpful if you could find out and report about that rather than simply appear to encourage readers to jump to emotional conclusions about this Whittington proposal, which may well be better than the present estate management arrangements.

Stapleton Hall Road, N4


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