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Juliana Tudos murder: Friend calls for better lighting in Finsbury Park where ‘caring’ barmaid attacked

Friend says murdered Juliana Tudos had dreams of travelling the world

30 December, 2017 — By Emily Finch

Sonny Webb with his former flatmate Juliana Tudos who was found murdered in Finsbury Park

A friend of a murdered barmaid has paid tribute to the “caring” music fan and called for better lighting in the park where her body was found.

Luliana Tudos, also known as Juliana or Julia, was found dead in Finsbury Park on Wednesday having been missing since Christmas Eve.

The 22-year-old, who worked in the World’s End pub in Camden Town, died after sustaining a stab wound to the stomach and a blow to the head. No one has been arrested for the murder and police are appealing for witnesses who were in the area to come forward.

Sonny Webb, who lived in the same house as Ms Tudos in Upper Tollington Park until earlier this year, said:  “When I was living next to her we would travel back together from Camden and we would always walk through the park for a shortcut.” 

“When you’ve done it thousands of times you assume nothing will happen. But it’s pitch black and you can’t see. The council should puts lights in there for sure, 100 per cent. And they need to knock down where she was found. It’s empty and never been in use,” said Mr Webb.

Ms Tudos’s body was found just a stone’s throw from her home outside an outbuilding near the softball field.

Mr Webb, a railway engineer who lives in Gospel Oak, met Ms Tudos four years ago when she first came to London and would regularly go to gigs and night clubs together.

He said: “She was such a caring person. There are so many different stories about how caring she was. She saw a woman passed out in Camden and she wouldn’t leave the person’s side until the ambulance came and took her.

“She was a vegetarian and against testing on animals and a massive cat lover. She was like family to me. She was always a happy person, she would complain a lot and get stressed out, but she was never depressed there was never sadness.” 

He added: “Her plan, she kept saying, was she wanted to travel the world, she wanted to see the world and that the world is too big to not explore.”

Friends have also left tributes to Ms Tudos, who was born in Russia but spent most of her life in Cyprus, at the Endymion Road entrance in the park. 

A floral tribute wast started for Ms Tudos on Thursday near where her body was found 

One message read: “To my beautiful sis, life is never going to be the same without you. You will always be my little viking.”

An online fundraising page to pay for Ms Tudos’s funeral had raised more than £13,000 on Saturday.

Anyone with information is requested to call the Met’s incident room on 0208 785 8244 or contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111

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