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Just how hard can it be to recycle Whitecross Market rubbish?

08 March, 2019

Rubbish dumped at Whitecross Market, ‘almost all of it recyclable’

• EVERY weekday the very popular Whitecross Market generates a large amount of rubbish. All credit to the stallholders who pile it up neatly by the side of the road ready for collection.

Almost all of it is recyclable: boxes, cooking oil drums and plastic receptacles. I walk down the street with my child from school pick-up and witness a rubbish cart collecting the rubbish at the end of the day. Note, not a recycling cart but a rubbish truck.

The irony is that the dustcart often has a slogan emblazoned on it encouraging householders to care about the environment, such as “Reduce Your Waste.

Choose Products with Less Packaging.” The market must easily generate a couple of tonnes of rubbish a year, most of which could be recycled. How hard can it be to get a recycling truck to collect the rubbish?

This seems a classic example of Islington Council telling people to do one thing without applying the same standards to its own operations. Shame on the council. Please do better.

Wenlock Road, N1


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