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Keep calm and think about a negotiated deal being put to the people

04 October, 2019

• NICK Wakeling says Jeremy Corbyn should “listen to his local voters”, (Jeremy Corbyn is set for an upset in his own constituency, September 20).

I doubt, however, whether Mr Wakeling, as a remainer, would care to see this “stricture” observed across the country. If every MP were to take lead from their constituents – as he is so forcefully advocating in the case of Islington North, the resultant make-up of the Commons would be 63 per cent for leave!

In the midst of an increasingly fractious and polarised debate re Brexit, with the PM charging headlong toward no-deal on one side and the Lib Dem bird-of-freedom taking flight from democracy on the other (Stop Brexit at any cost), Corbyn’s “so-called sensible position” of putting a negotiated deal to the people strikes me as being exactly that; sensible, calm and, most important of all, conciliatory. This, by the way, comes from a Tory-voting leaver.

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