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Key ‘fob’ failure left me stuck outside in the rain

06 March, 2020

• A MONTH ago I came home late and my “fob” would not open the outside communal door. Eventually a neighbour let me in and I rang Peabody, my landlord, holding on for three-quarters of an hour before I could speak to anybody about it.

They sent somebody about four hours later, but then he found that my “fob” was working! It was embarrassing and I started to doubt myself.

But a month went by and last Tuesday, February 25, very tired, the same thing happened. I couldn’t open the door. I tried for 25 minutes and tried all the other flat numbers with no response.

But then a young tenant came along and for a few minutes his “fob” would not work either, but then it did work. He let me in and phoned Peabody – although Peabody, when I phoned the next evening told me no one had reported anything. He was told it would be a week’s wait for a response!

This second evening, when I had waited 25 minutes outside in the rain and I rang Peabody, I was told it was not an emergency as I was “in”! My telling her my age and that I had a hospital and doctor’s appointment the next day made no difference. I would not know if I could get back if I went out.

I am well into my “pensionhood” and finding standing difficult at present. I am now into my seventh day of going up and down stairs pleading with tenants who rarely open their doors to let me in if I ring their number or to come down and prop the door open for me at a certain time.

Four evenings I have stood outside in the rain, twice having to shout up to the third floor for help. Peabody have had two phone calls, my son’s email message and I have sent a recorded delivery letter to the chief executive.

I have also added it to my letter of thanks to MP Emily Thornberry for helping me on a previous matter – she is so helpful!

I have heard nothing from Peabody or the contractor. I have had to cancel two meetings where I would get back late. This is just typical of the way we are treated by Peabody. No respect, no care or consideration.



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