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Know where you can put your antennae?

23 August, 2019

Residents of the historic Galway House, in Pleydell estate, who are outraged at proposals to mount 42 antennas on the roof of their 17-storey building

• IT was with some alarm when I woke the other morning to find that the block of flats that I have lived in for nigh-on 45 years was to have a giant antenna thing plonked on the roof.

It made no sense to me. My first thought was: “Why Galway House?”

It didn’t add up, two and two no longer made four, that is until I read the story in the Tribune (Antennas on a Finsbury estate: ‘They wouldn’t do this to a private building’, August 15). Then everything fell into place.

Luminet, who are behind the idea wanted Braithwaite House in Bunhill Row as their choice but it was thrown out by Islington Council. The council (would you believe?) because concerns were raised by the LPA (has anyone ever heard of the LPA?) over the “visual impact”.

So it is quite obvious that Galway House was suggested to Luminet by the council. The council that we elect to look after our interests. Well, at least we know where we stand in the scheme of things.

Next time I pick up that stubby little black pencil I shall have to think again where I put my cross.

Now I am no ancient fuddy-duddy. The world I was born in has now disappeared and we now live in a wired-up world and I see no signs of it becoming unwired any time soon.

I have a suggestion to make to Luminet (quite seriously). Back in the 1880s the Eiffel Tower was built. It was built originally as a boost for the steel industry to show off what they could do. It was only meant to be there for a short time but it stayed.

When radio and TV came in in the 20th century radio and TV masts were put on top for signals; for all I know they are still there bleeping. What I would suggest to Luminet is that they design their own mini Eiffel Tower and put it on the Old Street roundabout.

I don’t know how high it would be but if it is pleasing to the eye they could put their antenna on top, festoon it with coloured lights (or ads) and it would annoy no one. Nobody lives there and it might turn out to be quite popular.

Don’t just dismiss what I have suggested. Discuss it within and with us. Don’t discuss it with the mob up north as they treat us like their backyard.

We now know that this has been dumped in your lap by the council. Come and see us and we will give you all the support you need. But understand this: You Ain’t Gonner Build Here – Geddit!

Galway House, EC1


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