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Kops reflects on ‘terrible crime’

22 February, 2018 — By John Gulliver

Bernard Kops, centre, speaking at the National Gallery on Thursday, with The Gentle Author (left) and Stephen Greif

BERNARD Kops, playwright and poet, is an early riser for a 91 years old.

Upset by the mass shooting last week of 17 schoolchildren in Florida, he woke up at six in the morning on Sunday with a poem running through his head.

“I get up early anyway,” said our superager, “but that terrible crime in Florida just shocked me.”

Bernard, who has been writing successful plays, novels and poems for decades suddenly gave me a call late on Monday evening from his Swiss Cottage home.

When he does he go to bed, I wondered. When he does stop working?

He had given a talk at the National Gallery on Thursday at the launch of his latest book of poems, Love, Death and Other Joys, published by David Paul Press.

Happy Shooting Day

I’m glad to say today is shooting day.
And today is such a lovely day.
A pleasant, never to come again day.
For all your lovely children will be at school.
And if you are patient a handsome young man
will come with a lovely, flashing machine gun.
And Mister Trump who runs the shop
will tell all the parents not to come.
We shall then pulverise all your lovely
little angels just for you.
So it’s singing in the classroom all the day.
So hip, hip, and hooray for all you lovely parents
who love a nap. And yawn and wave goodbye.
And all your lovely, happy children
will go to Kingdom come in the popcorn
pie in the sky. Your lovely sky. Oh hum, oh my.

Bernard Kops


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