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Labour’s manifesto offers people real hope

29 November, 2019

Jeremy Corbyn

• JEREMY Corbyn for many years has given his full support to Islington Trades Union Council.

Likewise we have fully supported his leadership of the Labour Party despite some hostile attack’s from both the Tory press and the political establishment.

We fully endorse the launch of the new Labour manifesto, It’s Time For Real Change, which builds upon the Labour manifesto from the last election.

The manifesto, with 104 pages, offers people real hope, as many are desperate for a radical change.

The Tory government’s trade mark for the last nine years has been austerity in the form of ideological cut-backs in public services.

As trade unionists we are interlinked with the community and welcome the proposals to commit to public services in local authorities, as well as bringing back services in-house.

And a return, under public ownership, of utilities such gas, electric and water, against the monopolies who have profited for decades with a lack of investment in return.

And a return of rail under public ownership, and bringing Royal Mail back to a public, universal, service is most promising.

These services will be more accountable to the consumers as opposed to shareholders and much more cost effective in the long term.

We also welcome the commitment to employment rights from day one, a national minimum wage of £10 and no more zero-hour contracts, a return to free employment tribunals and a commitment for apprenticeships and life-long learning.

We welcome the scrapping of student tuition fees, an investment in our NHS and education, with no more privatisation of services or PFI contracts in our hospitals and schools.

The commitments in the Labour manifesto have been both consulted upon and researched; they are not a pipe dream as the media would have many believe.

A commitment to invest in building council housing, 150,000 new homes a year, both councils and housing associations, has been badly needed for decades.

Also regulating the private rented sector, and a commitment to end homelessness and give everyone shelter is a commitment worth fighting for.

We could go on for hours. If you are still unsure then please get a copy, or download the Labour manifesto – it’s time for real change,


Islington Trades Union Council


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