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Landlord urges: Pay living wage

10 November, 2017

Town Hall finance chief Councillor Andy Hull

COMMERCIAL tenants renting space from Islington Council have been told they will not get their deals renewed unless they can prove they are paying workers the London Living Wage.

The new requirements make Islington the country’s first “living wage landlord” with an agreement to pay the £10.20-an-hour rate due to be written into contracts. The rate was increased from £9.75 an hour earlier this week.

The council owns about 60 commercial properties. Town Hall finance chief Councillor Andy Hull said: “No one should have to do a hard day’s work for less than they can live on. That’s why we continue to offer civic leadership on the living wage.”

Katherine Chapman, director of the Living Wage Foundation, said: “The council is leading the charge of responsible employers, putting the wellbeing of employees and those of their commercial tenants first, by ensuring all staff earn a living wage.”


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