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Hands-on experience is invaluable

06 September, 2019

• I WHOLEHEARTEDLY agree with the view of J E Kirby (Was it wrong to raise the school leaving age?, August 30), who feels school-leaving age should not have been raised.

There are many teenagers who cannot bear going to school, who find it boring and meaningless and who would be much better off (emotionally as well as financially) earning money and learning as they work, either through apprenticeship or just in day-to-day employment.

However, there seem to be many rules and regulations nowadays, particularly concerning health and safety, which might make employers less likely to take on staff under the age of 18, and there needs to be a way around this.

Youth and vitality are gifts to be nurtured, not stunted by lack of opportunity, and hands-on experience is invaluable.



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