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Let cyclists who ignore the rules face on-the-spot fines

29 March, 2019

• I WOULD beg to disagree with R Walford (Vehicles are more dangerous than cyclists, March 15). Yes, there are some drivers who should not be on the road, but also cyclists should not feel as though the law does not apply to them.

An instance of this happened to me. About a couple of weeks or so ago I was standing on the pavement at the corner of Northdown Street and Caledonian Road, opposite the mosque, with a couple of friends, about 2.30-2.45pm.

As we were talking I heard a voice behind me saying: “Get out of my way.” I turned round to be confronted by a yob cycling on the pavement against the flow of traffic. I didn’t move out of his way and he said: “Next time I will run you over.”

He then carried on up the pavement, cut across to the other side of the road and continued riding against the flow of traffic past Wharfdale Road and cut back onto the pavement before disappearing down All Saints Street.

Presumably this is okay to do, according to R Walford. I note that he/she says that no road user should abuse the rules so why therefore is he/she against cyclists being given on-the-spot fines for breaking the rules of the road?

According to the Highway Code (page 36), there are extra rules for cyclists. Rule 140 states: “Do not ride more than two side by side. Ride in single file on narrow roads. You must not ride on the pavement or on a footpath unless there are signs allowing shared use with pedestrians.”

I do not have a problem with little children riding on the pavement while being supervised but it is a different kettle of fish when an adult who should know better comes hurtling along the pavement, also when they deliberately ignore traffic lights and pedestrian-controlled crossings when the lights are in favour of the pedestrians.

And they also ride without lights at night. Yes, as a driver I do agree that cyclists are a lot more vulnerable compared to drivers, but the cyclist should take this into consideration when cycling.

Sadly, all to often I see cyclists forcing their way along between the pavement edge and vehicles, often becoming trapped in a blindspot. They are not always visible to a driver, then they wonder why they get caught up by the vehicle. So, please cyclists, remember your safety is your resp­onsibility.

If a cyclist is flouting the rules and is caught, then they should bear the consequences of an on-the-spot fine for riding on the pavement or jumping the lights.

I have cycled on London roads and driven motor vehicles but don’t do either at the moment. I have had an accident where a car cut across me, forcing me to come off my cycle, so I do know what it feels like.

Conversely, when I see cyclists cutting in and out of traffic to get in front, it makes me wonder what is the hurry to get there so quickly. Surely, it is better to be a little late in this world than to be too early in the next one.

Clissold Crescent, N16


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