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Let’s call time on this Tory Brexit now

12 January, 2018

• STEPHEN Southam says that our MPs should concentrate on bringing currencies back onto a sound footing (MPs must now put all their efforts into implementing voters’ decision, January 5).

Why? Surely the priority is to end austerity – and for that we need economic growth because only growth will give us the money we need in order to maintain our way of life.

What is holding us back is Brexit. Brexit made the Tory government abandon its plan to end austerity soon, is handicapping growth and has already caused job losses.

It is clear that we can’t have both Brexit and an end to austerity. We have to choose one or the other.

So far Jeremy Corbyn and Emily Thornberry are just backing a Tory-led Brexit. But for Mr Corbyn’s plans to succeed, we must have growth. Mr Corbyn and Ms Thornberry should call time on this Tory Brexit now.

Ellington Street, N7


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