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Let’s help cyclists to see more sense

08 February, 2018

• MANY cyclists seem not to respect pedestrians. I have noticed some of them do not stop at red lights and do not attempt to stop at zebra crossings, even when people are crossing with children.

At night it is difficult to see some of the cyclists, who ride without lights or any visible clothing to identify them. I have witnessed a cyclist hit a person but fail to stop; there was no way to identify them, with no number plate.

Cycle lanes have been provided but, I note, not all the cyclists use them. I live in Royal College Street and see that from about 4pm to 6.30pm it is so congested that it is very difficult for the emergency services to operate, because of closures of two lanes at the junction with Camden Road.

Before the mayoral election Sadiq Khan promised in an interview at the LBC that, if elected, he would ensure all road users had same rights. We have not see this so far. I hope the council, the mayor and Transport for London bring in strict rules to regulate cyclists.



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