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Let’s listen to our young people with respect

29 June, 2018

• THE Shaquan Sammy-Plummer Foundation is named after a young man from Finsbury Park who was fatally stabbed in January 2015. The foundation approaches young people to try to persuade them not to carry knives.

Many young people tell the foundation that they need help to apply for apprenticeships and jobs. In job interviews they feel they are immediately judged and rejected before they have a chance to speak.

Some young people tell the foundation they want to be able to trust the police but when they approach them to help, they feel that they are treated as if they are the criminals.

Many young people face very complex problems, including issues with family relationships, drugs, mental and physical health and housing. When the government, the council, police, any charity or anyone else promises to help it is important to stay the course and keep those promises.

If we listen to young people with respect and take in what they say, then that can help them learn how to do the same to other people. We also need to approach their parents in the same way, to help them help their children.

Shaquan Sammy-Plummer Foundation


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