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Let’s look at what’s wrong with Labour

10 January, 2020

• WHAT happened was London and the big cities stood for the European Union and multi-ethnic culture, and we welcome immigrants with contributive labour value.

So we voted Labour. We could have been more pro-EU and voted Liberal Democrat, which was tempting as Labour became ever more ambivalent with no EU strategy – or if they had one it was impossible to discern.

In the north bitterness reigned. No one had done much to change things for years including Tony Blair’s metropolitan-focused New Labour; and his animosity for Ken Livingstone was clear here also.

Labour could afford to lose the disgruntled north but needed a reduction in Liberal Democrat votes to get more of the bigger remain vote in the far more populated south.

In the last meeting of the West Hampstead Labour Party I attended there were pretty mad proposals from Momentum supporters to “remove” our excellent pro EU MP Tulip Siddiq!

This unorthodoxy went hand in hand with anti-Semitic suggestions far departing from the usual concerns on Benjamin Netanyahu currently running Israel.

So you can see now what a hill Labour have to climb. All we need next is a pro-remain leader. Soon we will see why and the north will regret a belief in fairy stories.

Jeremy Corbyn was much destroyed by Momentum as their policies just do not win elections in Britain as Neil Kinnock learnt in 1992 before he took up a lucrative job in Brussels.

Labour always has hesitations over Europe, as if Europe has no fellow workers. Of course, they have far more than we do.

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