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Lib Dem: ‘We can stop Brexit if we win polls’

08 November, 2019 — By Anna Cooban

Nick Wakeling

THE Liberal Democrat challenger in Islington North has insisted a clear message on Brexit is helping the party to make inroads.

Nick Wakeling told the Tribune: “I don’t think Brexit will happen. There will be a point of reckoning when promises have not been delivered.”

His party has said it will cancel Brexit altogether if it wins a historic majority on December 12.

But Mr Wakeling said: “The Lib Dem position has been misconstrued. We want a People’s Vote, but if we win, we see that as a mandate to revoke.”

He was among new members who signed up after the UK voted to leave.

“I started campaigning for Remain and then registered as a member of the Lib Dems,” he said. “In reality, there has always been a large Labour faction that has wanted to leave the EU.”

He said he hoped mental health issues would be debated during the campaign. “There is a stigma attached to mental health,” he said. “Add to that long waiting lists for treatment – in some cases you’re waiting 15 months to see someone – then it’s clear why we have a problem”.

In 2018, Islington saw the highest number of people in England treated under the Mental Health Act. Islington is one of the least green places in the country, it is also one of the densest with few open areas and sky-high house prices,” he said.

Mr Wakeling has ­mentored young people in Tower Hamlets and founded children’s cancer charity, Alice Ark, after his niece was diagnosed in 2015.

“There is unfortunately a negligible interest in funding drug research into children’s cancer because return on investment is lower for the big pharma­ceutical companies,” he said.


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