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Life after hard Brexit – petrol shortages and food rationing

08 June, 2018

• SURELY the scoop of the week must go to the Sunday Times for its report on a Brexit leak from Whitehall.

The document shows three scenarios if we end up with a hard Brexit. The worst, referred to as “Armageddon”, seems to have been so dire that it wasn’t reported. Still, the middling position is worse than most of our nightmares.

The Observer reported: “In the second scenario, not even the worst, the port of Dover will collapse on day one. The supermarkets of Cornwall and Scotland will run out of food within a couple of days, and hospitals will run out of medicines within two weeks, a source told the Sunday Times.

“Officials would have to charter planes to airlift medicines into the country, the plans suggest, and within a fortnight petrol would also be in short supply.”

Of course, many Brexiteers were quick to denounce the documents of their own government as Project Fear. My reading suggests that the report, including the introduction of rationing, is quite accurate in the event of a hard Brexit on April Fool’s Day 2019.

Would it be a shout too far to suggest we will have a hard Brexit because those bankers, hedge funders and disaster capitalists in the Tory Party want to avoid any chance of having to comply with the EU anti-tax avoidance measures that come into force at the beginning of 2019? Is this what they call being “rule takers”?

When is Labour going to stop piddling around and get down to the serious task of challenging this rabble of a Tory government?

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