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Lilian’s Christian faith was important to her

13 December, 2019

Lilian Reeve at Islington War Memorial with Cllr Gary Poole

• I AM writing to add to your obituary of Lilian Reeve, the Second World war veteran who has died aged 97, (Veterans’ farewell for our letter writer Lilian, Tribune, December 6).

I knew Lilian very well as member of our church family at St Andrew’s, Thornhill Square, where her funeral service was held.

Lilian’s Christian faith was very important to her and I was able to speak about this during the service, which I conducted.

She attended church for all of her life – first at Holy Trinity, Cloudesley Square, and then at St Andrew’s.

It was only earlier this year that Lilian was prevented from coming to church after a fall resulted her going into hospital, where I was able to maintain her links with the church by visiting her.

I moved away from London just three days before Lilian died and I had made arrangements for one of my colleagues to carry on the church link.

I was able to travel down from York to take Lilian’s service. Lilian was a very determined person.

She was able, right up until what proved to be her last Sunday at church, to come up to the altar to receive holy communion albeit on somebody’s arm rather than have communion brought to her in her seat. Lilian will be greatly missed.



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