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Litter bins, bollards and bikes clutter our streets

06 September, 2019

• TREES take up relatively little space on the pavement. They provide welcome shade in summer, absorb pollution in the atmosphere and provide a refuge for the few birds still struggling to survive in Islington’s concrete jungle.

They also require very little maintenance. This is not the case with planters, whether in the road or on the pavement.

Traffic lights are a necessary evil but overall Islington’s streets are far too cluttered with litter bins and recycling points which encourage fly-tipping (do we really need these when we have weekly doorstep collections?), obsolete or unnecessary road signs, sundry bollards, mysterious metal cabinets in unlikely places, and cycles, privately owned or for hire in serried ranks or thrown down everywhere and anywhere.

I have lived in Islington for 50 years. There is now much less traffic, a 20mph speed limit throughout the borough and far more stringent parking restrictions than ever before.

It is difficult to see what more could be done unless cars were banned altogether, which might not be as popular a move as some people might think. More priority certainly needs to be given to people who get about on their own two feet.

As someone who does just that a lot of the time, I think the council needs to focus on the repair of all the broken paving stones and potholes in pavements and the road and on keeping the streets free of rubbish. It seems to be more interested in vanity projects than in delivering core services efficiently.

As someone with a small garden, which I try to make as wildlife friendly as possible, I am sorry to say that there is far less wildlife than there was before we had all these traffic-calming and other improvements. Even the slugs and snails have decided to move on.

Kingsdown Road, N19


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